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Permanent Make-Up





Permanent make-up is ideal for on-the-go women who always need to look their best but cannot afford the time to apply make-up throughout the day. At the end of the day, your make-up looks as though it was just freshened. You can select your color of make-up from a wide variety of shades, or a new shade can be created for you.


With many years as a trained and licensed aesthetician Andrea will ensure you get the results you desire. View our before and after pictures of past clients below.

Before: Client wants lash extensions for a glamorous look for Prom. After: Mission Accomplished! Before: Bride to be wants lash extensions for wedding day. After: Photo ready for the wedding! Before: Client relies heavily on make up pencil for color and definition in her brows. After: Now she can throw that pencil away! Before: Client wants a soft natural color that can be worn alone or under gloss or lipstick. After: Lips have more color, definition and yet still look natural for everyday wear.

You will select the color, based on advice and suggestions from the makeup artist. The technician then sketches the area to be tattooed with a sterile surgical pen. A topical anesthetic gel is applied on the area. Using a hollow, vibrating needle, the technician applies the pigment into the top layer of the skin. Each time the needle penetrates the skin, a droplet of pigment is released into the hole made by the needle. You will feel a slight stinging.

Price List


Lash Extension Prices range from $150-$275

The range covers the amount of extensions applied during the service. Princess being the lightest set and Diva being the fullest set.

Fills for Lash Extensions - $70
Lash Perm - $50


Brow - $350
Lash Enhancement - $345
Eye Liner - $385
Lip Line - $350
Full Lip - $400